With his sparkling wine, Peter Szigeti has redefined the art of making the finest grapes sparkling.

Since the Szigeti winery was founded in 1991, Peter Szigeti has made it his most important task to capture the varietal characteristics of the grape varieties in his products.

He created a company that has set itself the goal of putting a real pleasure product in the center of attention - sparkling wine from Gols. For this, Peter Szigeti spends a lot of time together with his cellar master in the vineyards of his partners and suppliers. In this way, he ensures that the grapes meet the highest quality standards and that the varietal character of the grape varieties also comes into its own in sparkling wine.

A piece of a unique home in your hand - sparkling wine from the Pannonian microclimate

In Gols in Burgenland, nature gave us one of the most extraordinary vineyards in Europe. The place where everything begins is home to many great winemaking families and virtuosos of vines that were planted and cultivated generations ago. The bond with Burgenland and the people forms the basis for our authentic sparkling wine.

Premium Sparkling from Gols

Don't forget to sparkle.

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