Welschriesling Club Prestige

Welschriesling Club Prestige

The fresh base wine, which is made from the must of the Welschriesling grape variety, is perfect for sparkling wine production and long storage due to its high acid content. Even years later, this sparkling wine exudes the finest aromas of apple and citrus on the palate, but also its unmistakable herbaceous note. Discover the elegantly matured 2017 vintage, the well-preserved 2018 vintage and the fresh sparkling wine of 2019. Careful harvest, expansion with calm and sparkling wine according to the Méthode Traditionnelle guarantee three times the highest level of enjoyment. Tip: You will receive a SZIGETI champagne cap with every bottle. So you can taste these three premium sparkling wines at your leisure.


Enjoy - and don't forget to compare!

1 bottle Welschriesling Brut 2019

1 bottle Welschriesling Brut 2018

1 bottle Welschriesling Brut 2017

3 mini champagne stoppers

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