Pink Uhu Brut Package

Pink Uhu Brut Package

Pink Uhu Brut sparkling wine, vine & planting instructions

The SZIGETI Pink Uhu Brut is reminiscent of the Uhudler, a Burgenland wine curiosity. The Pink Uhu Brut is pressed from the Muscat Bleu table grape, which impresses with its sweetness and strong taste. Undemanding and high-performing, the Muscat Bleu seedling is just right for you, whether individually in the garden, as a shade provider on the pergola or simply in a flower pot. Try it! And while you wait for the grapes, enjoy a good sip of Pink Uhu. For well-being.

1 Fl. 0,75 lt. Bio & Vegan SZIGETI Pink Uhu Brut
Sparkling wine with a beautiful light red hue. With clear nutmeg, aromas of ripe forest raspberries and fresh strawberries, rhubarb and young black currants. Pleasant acidity with refreshingly emphasized acidity. Organically certified, vegan basic wine production, pressed in Burgenland by Paul Leitner. From the Muscat Bleu vine, which is related to the Uhudler vines grown in southern Burgenland.

1 seedling Muscat Bleu
Healthy bare root seedling of the hardy PIWI variety for planting outdoors or in a pot indoors. Expertly grown in the nursery and limited to 180 pieces.

1 Muscat Bleu vine planting instructions
You will learn step by step how to plant your seedling indoors or outdoors in the ground, water it and create the ideal conditions for an early grape harvest.

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