Ever since Peter Szigeti took over his parent’s wine trading business in 1991, he had focused on capturing the typical varietal characteristics of the grapes in his products.

Only hand-picked, sun-ripened grapes – most of them from the neighbouring regions around Lake Neusiedl – are used for production. The special micro-climate and the many hours of sunshine in Austria’s most eastern Pannonian region give the wine its aromatic taste and distinctive fruity bouquet. Peter Szigeti and his cellar master spend a lot of time in the vineyards of our partners and suppliers, making sure that the grapes reach and meet the highest level of quality. Eventually, they will unfold their typical varietal character in Szigeti sparkling wine.

Szigeti sparkling wine is solely produced according to the Méthode Traditionelle, the traditional bottle fermentation. In the cellar, this method ensures that the high quality basic wines mature into exceptional sparkling wines, giving Szigeti its unmistakable and distinctively fine Mousseux.